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At Polysport, we carry a variety of outdoor athletic track products from Conica that yield innovation. Our athletic tracks are high-tech systems that are ecologically friendly, meet the latest technology standards, and help athletes in achieving pinnacle results. These exclusive running track systems were specially designed to assist athletes to perform their best while significantly minimizing the risk of injury. Additionally, Polysport’ surfacing solutions also feature high durability and strong resistance against inclement weather which allows them to maintain their functionality in all climate zones.

With rigorous testing and research, Polysport is proud to provide products that are certified by the IAAF–International Association of Athletics Federations. Each of our running track surfaces meets the unique specifications of IAAF, further proving it’s innovative qualities within the world of professional sports. Track systems by Polysport are the perfect athletic tracks for high-quality performance.

Conipur Vmax

The Conica Vmax is a biomechanically measurable, faster competition track for the high-end sector. The Vmax was developed in close cooperation with the Cologne Sports University. After successful testing and accreditation of the Conica Vmax athletic track systems to World Athletics specifications, biomechanical measurements were carried out with top athletes under real conditions, the Conica Vmax brought superb results. The Conica Vmax is simply the worlds best running track surface.

Technical Conica Vmax
IAAF Certified Yes
Bond to Substrate Chemical
Textures Embedded, Encapsulated
Performance Olympic.Collegiate.Professional

Conipur M

The 14mm polyurethane track system, built entirely using “virgin materials“, is a premium surfacing system offering excellent quality and longevity characteristics, thus clearly differentiating itself from the competition.
CONIPUR M is acknowledged worldwide for years as premium system for performance and competitions at the highest level.

Technical Conica M
IAAF CertifiedYes
Bond to Substrate Chemical
TexturesEmbedded, Encapsulated
Performance Olympic.Collegiate.Professional

Conipur MX+

This 15mm polyurethane based track system features an innovative, foamed intermediate layer. CONIPUR MX+ characterizes itself by its highest quality and longevity, and is very cost efficient due to the use of recycled granules in the two bottom layers. Sports functionality and anti-skid properties are self-evident – in any kind of weather.

The quality of the system ensures that top athletes benefit from optimal running properties combined with low energy consumption.

Worldwide, there are hundred thousands of square meters of CONIPUR MX+ tracks, of which threetracks are certified as Class 1 and more than 12 as Class 2.

Technical Conica MX+
IAAF Certified Yes
Bond to Substrate Chemical
Textures Embedded, Encapsulated

Conipur SW

The 13mm thick polyurethane track with a PUR-bound elastic layer based on recycled granules is characterized by its quality and durability due to its 3mm PUR wear coat and is a good alternative to the full PUR track surfacing systems. The high-quality PUR wear coating layer of CONIPUR SW is very durable, non-slip and offers an excellent athletics surfacing system – in all weather conditions.

CONIPUR SW was the first track system ever to receive the World Athletics product certificate in 1999. Since then hundreds of thousands of square metres of CONIPUR SW track have been installed worldwide, of which eight tracks are certified as Class 1 and more than sixty as Class 2.

Technical Conica SW
IAAF Certified Yes
Bond to Substrate Mechanical
Textures Embedded, Encapsulated
Performance High School. Collegiate

Conipur SP

This 13mm thick polyurethane track system, with a PUR-bound elastic layer based on recycled granules and a 3 mm PUR spray coating as a top layer, is the most cost-effective World Athletics certified CONICA track system. CONIPUR SP is mainly used for sports tracks in schools and leisure facilities and meets all requirements regarding safety and longevity. The high-quality PUR top layer provides good spike-, mechanical- and weather resistance. Due to its structure, it is slip-proof and offers a good grip – both in the sun and in the rain.

Worldwide, there are hundreds of thousands of square metres of CONIPUR SP track surfacing, of which one track is certified as Class 1 and fifteen as Class 2.

Technical Conica SP
IAAF Certified Yes
Bond to Substrate Mechanical
Textures Spray and Solvent Free Spray
Performance Entry Level. High School

Conipur Retop

CONICA Retop offers a cost-efficient and technically easy way of refurbishing all common athletics track systems using a high-quality PU coating. This CONICA technology is tested according to IAAF requirements, thus ensuring that technical and functional requirements are met at the highest level, giving the possibility of a complete certification according to World Athletics Class 1 or Class 2.

Renovation can be easily done on water permeable, water impermeable, in-situ or prefabricated track systems.

Technical Conica REtop
IAAF Certified Yes
Bond to Substrate Chemical
Textures Embedded, Encapsulated
PerformanceOlympic. Collegiate. Professional


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